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Let’s Join In brings together fragmented content into dedicated engagement hubs. Leverage the power of our social engagement solution to create purpose-built engagement communities.

Explore The Many Features

Set community standards

Create a community where everyone’s voice is heard and get to share their opinions.

Monetize engagement

Harness the value of your community to unlock new opportunities for monetary gains.

Enable deeper insights

Understand your community and create channels for better decision making and planning

Democratize discussions

Our technology encourages and empowers participants to share their opinions

Customize engagement channels

Have greater autonomy with our bespoke solution for community engagement.

Facilitate Engaging Discussions

Host discussions, polls and debates in a healthy way

Why discussions matter
on Let’s Join In

Let’s Join In is a new social engagement platform that gives content creators autonomous control of their content and audience, while providing a better revenue opportunity. We enable the creation of social eco systems that enables vibrant community engagement.

About us

Let’s Join In was created with the purpose of solving the issue of a fragmented social media landscape. Our platform utilizes patented technology to remove the social media noise through focus group debating. That way, we create an ideal space for content publishers to bring their content together in a centralized hub. We believe in engagement with a purpose and Let’s Join In facilitates that.

Be part of our growing community

LJI gives you a novel way to communicate your views to your audience. Our patented technology gives you deeper insights into participants’ opinions and interests. That way, you can make better decisions going forward. Start a discussion today and see how LJI helps you.

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