How it Works

We are flooded with more news and information than ever before, but we often struggle to find opportunities to safely engage on topics that matter to us. Through our social engagement platform, organisations can create conversations with the people that they desire feedback from. Our system uses patent pending technology to allow organisations to curate content leading to valuable clarity, insight and learning.

Open / Closed groups to voice out your opinion

Our unique system allows users to engage in curated content and informative discussions. This enhances their awareness and understanding on the topics and issues that they hold opinions on. Through these, organisations have access to deep insights and consensus views.

Create your own topics and make an impact

Our simple set up process lets users create engagement across the entire network on topics that matter, giving everyone the ability to have their say and be heard. The Let’s Join In system empowers the voices of its users whilst building and strengthening communities.

Partnering with global media

The Let’s Join In system prides itself in being the first social platform that gives organisations and licensed users complete control of their ecosystem. Organisations can now extract information directly from users who engage with their channels qualifying data at a level unseen across other digital platforms.

Why let's join in?

your advantages

Collective Opinions

The platform creates engagement forums leading to stimulating discussion and collecting the most supported opinions within communities and ecosystems on topics and issues.

Get Connected

Users can connect with others through open or closed groups. Anyone can create and manage groups to network, debate and engage with people who share and oppose their views.

Influence Users

When you express your views and opinions, others will rate your comments through likes and engagement. Debate effectively so others will select your perspective as the consensus view.


Understand your customers

Gain actionable verifiable, intelligent feedback from your audience engagement. Now you can adjust your programming to cater to your market.

Engage your audience

The Let’s Join In platform is designed with patent pending technology to provide deeper audience engagement for organisations.


Connect with your constituents

Your constituents are invested in engaging with you, now you can create specific content for them to engage and network with one and other.

Give your followers a voice

Every vote counts. Let’s Join In enables you to identify opinions and gather feedback on issues that affect your electorate straight from your constituents in real time.


Expand your support base

Whether it’s growing your sporting code or building a stronger fan base, Let’s Join In provides you with the technology required to achieve your goals.

Express your emotions

Connect players, coaches and staff to the fans that live and breath your team, our unique technology allows you to gain a better understand of your fans.

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